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Our mission is design & develop the best interior around

Living Room Design

We all spend a considerate amount of time in our living rooms. It seems to be everyone’s favorite space at home to chill or relax because of it’s cozy and vibrant touch.

Hence we at Make My House invest enough time on brainstorming the ideas to design homes and create house plans that feel homely, elegant yet alluring. After all - ‘’Details are not just details, they make the designs.’’

So feel free to hand over your dream house design, house plan or interior designing projects to Make My House and rest assured that we will revive & renovate your living space.

Bedroom Interior Design

After a long tiring day, we all crave for a snuggy and hearty bedroom to rest, but how many of us look for a conducive interior? Having an in vogue yet functional interior is a hard nut to crack. Be that as it may, our team of proficient, well-humored and witty interior designers mix your requirements with their artistic cognizance to create an ambiance that’s urbane and feasible. Whether you’re living in a small city apartment or a grand country mansion, we’ve got you covered for all your requirements.

Your desires are our command and we take pleasure in delivering and fulfilling your livings space goals.

Kitchen Design

Kitchen is where our heart is. They say ‘’Kitchens are made for bringing families together.’’ It’s the place where we mingle with our family, chit-chat while cooking or simply binge on snacks while sipping on our tea etc.

Therefore we understand how important it is to create and design this space in a way that it’s serene, cheerful yet safe for not just adults but kids to be around as well.

Our passionate & skillful designers ensure keeping these goals in mind that the kitchen (heart of the home) is designed with love and legibility.

Bathroom Design

Master Bathrooms or bathrooms with lavish fittings and interiors have been a state of the art trend these days. As much as these plush bathrooms are fancied, one cannot deny the fact that it's an unnerving task to get these designed. It needs a savvy designer to understand when and where to use a feature floor tile, or give the bathroom a serene look by putting up indoor plants.

From Italian fittings to giving your bathroom a vintage look, our witty and keen designers just know how to play and design in line with up to the minute trends and client's requirement.

We bet getting your bathrooms designed wouldn't be a fun affair without our ingenious efforts.

Whether you want to know how to install a shower room or a free standing tub, to clutter proofing with the right bathroom storage that would keep your bathroom looking box fresh or having a grand colour scheme in your bathroom, our designers are well versed and equipped to deliver all your designing wishes. You name it we'll do it.

Don't believe us? Subscribe to our services and look for yourself.

Pooja Room

As we plan and get our homes designed it's important to dedicate some space or if you have a spacious home - it's best to dedicate a full room for prayers and mediation. We believe Pooja rooms are back in practice as people are becoming more religious and looking for meditations and prayers to grow more spiritually strong.

Make my house comprehends that people become more concerned about Vastu when it comes to Pooja rooms as a result they forget that like your other house designs, a pooja room can can also be designed with proper planning and insights.

We not only design but keep your requirements & vastu consultation in mind to place and decorate this religious space,wholeheartedly , so that you have perfect harmony prevailing in your house.